Saturday, December 04, 2004

Weekend Reading Homework From The 'Wonks

As classroom teachers, we are used to giving homework, so we would like assign some recommended reading to all faculty and scholars visiting our campus. We here at the 'Wonks know that when we do our homework, we become much better educated, and isn't that the purpose of going to school in the first place?

The Pirate has issued his Grog Ration for the week, in which he has selected postings from his ship's crew. In the interest of full disclosure, we must report that your EdWonk is the ship's carpenter.

The Commissar has just staged the 30th version of his Show Trials. There are numerous bloggers that are being tried for crimes against the people. Clearly, the accused are in need of punishment. Avoid being accused of Trotskyite Deviation from the Party Line and take a look.

One of those that has been denounced and is now on trial is our good friend and Faculty Member Lisa, from
Bohemian Conservative, who is making her Show Trial Debut. If you can spare a moment, visit her site, as she is getting back into the "swing of things" after a short absence.

Extra Credit will be given to any faculty member of visitor that can give a report to the class on the proper treatment and curing of a Grog Hangover.