Friday, December 03, 2004

The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: Terrorist Barghouti "Changes His Mind" Yet Again

Face Of Evil
Just a few days ago, as reported by the 'Wonks here, Terrorist Marwan Barghouthi had indicated that he was going to be a candidate for "God Father" the "Presidency" of the criminal organization called The Palestinian Mafia "Authority." Within hours of us reporting this story, Terrorist Barghouti indicated that he had experienced a sudden change of heart, and would not seek the so-called "Presidency."

Terrorist Barghouti is currently behind bars, serving five life sentences for the murder of innocent Israeli civilians.

According to
The New York Times, this murderous rascal has experienced yet another change of heart. We don't accept that it was a "change of heart" at all, but a carefully conceived and executed fraud. This was just the kind of stunt that a miscreant like Terrorist Barghouti would foist upon an unsuspecting (and relieved) world. He and his circle of thugs had planned this all along.

We are not surprised. Like ravenous hogs running to a trough, none of these malefactors can resist the opportunity to enrich themselves and their countless relatives with all the corruption and graft that is to be had from the hundreds of millions of dollars that the patsies "Donor Organizations" such as The United Nations shovel out to the Palestinian Liberation Organization Palestinian "Authority."

And we are certain that substantial parts of that aid money will be siphoned off to such criminal endeavors as the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Meanwhile, the Palestinian people will continue to live in grinding poverty.

Not surprisingly, 22% of the United Nations' budget is directly funded by the United States taxpayer. We think that with all the rampant graft, corruption, and nepotism that is to be found in the United Nations, this parasitic organization long ago wore out its welcome, and needs to find another host to attach itself to.

As we said
before, if Terrorist Barghouti wins the "election" enormous international pressure will be applied on Israel to turn this creature loose. It is the 'Wonks hope that the Israelis will resist this pressure, and that the United States will stand squarely behind the Middle East's only democracy in its hour of need.