Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Accused Killer Said To Communicate With Spirit World

Most of us have heard about the crime that Chai Soua Vang has been charged with. For those that have not, this man is charged with shooting and killing six other hunters deep in the Wisconsin woods last week.

The New York Times is reporting something that most of us did not know. Vang's neighbors are saying that he is a shaman in the immigrant Hmong community.

According to believers, shamen like Vang communicate with "the other world." Vang was often called upon by neighbors to heal the sick and assure economic prosperity their households.

In a sick attempt to portray himself as a victim, Vang has been freely flinging the "R" word (racism) about as some sort of sorry excuse for his actions. We hope that he sticks to that, and doesn't try to confuse a jury by saying that the "spirits" told him to do what he is alleged to have done.

We here at the 'Wonks know that it takes all types of people to make up the universe. But this man disgusting little creature is in a class all of his own. We hope that the mold has been broken, and no more will be produced.