Thursday, December 02, 2004

Brother Of Terrorist Arafat Dead In Bed

CNN is telling us that Terrorist Arafat's brother is dead at age 75. Apparently, Fathi Arafat was not quite as evil as Yasser. According to CNN, Fathi was the chief of the Palestinian Red Crescent (similar to Red Cross) since its founding.

We consider him just another example of the rampant nepotism that infests the Palestinian "Authority," where well-paid sinecures are distributed like "trick or treat" candy on Halloween. Of course, there are some that may think of this position as a little harsh. One of our associates thought that too...

Until she read in the article that Fathi Arafat also belonged to the inner circle of his murderous brother Yasser's Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The 'Wonks are sure that the brother of Terrorist Arafat has left his widow and his two grown children very well provided. We know that quite a bit of UN relief money was received by the Palestinian Red Crescent.