Friday, December 03, 2004

The Politically Incorrectism Run Amok Files: Florida Schools Outlaw Snowmen

Not Allowed
The Florida Herald Tribune is reporting that the "politically correct crowd" has taken the banning of Christmas to its logical end. In southwest Florida, many school districts are now directing that teachers no longer use the term, "Holiday" in their room decorations or Holiday Programs. They are also told not to use depictions of snowmen, snowflakes, trees, or wreathes. There is to be no reference at all to any holiday.

In fact, in one district, there will be no holiday-type music sung at all, but a selection of patriotic songs instead. This school's name is, Freedom Elementary School, and is located in East Manatee. How ironic.

Even though we here at the 'Wonks are not especially observant regarding religion, we find the trend toward completely secularizing our society to be disturbing.

As a practicing classroom teacher with several years of experience, I can attest that even the most religiously strident parents rarely "throw a fit" when a Christmas tree is displayed in a classroom. Even most atheists or agnostic parents will usually tolerate a few Christmas carols, as long as their children may "opt out" of the singing. At the most, they usually will call the teacher or principal and ask for clarification of the holiday's festivities.

It's the one-percent that will throw the fit that the typical school administrator is mortified of.

Long ago, the Educational Bureaucracy lost whatever back-bone that it might have possessed. It's primary objective now is the avoidance of any type of controversy, and one way of doing that is to remove "Christ" from Christmas. When this is done, the only group to usually express any significant degree of dissatisfaction are fundamentalist Christians.

And the Educational Bureaucracy feels that they can be ignored.

After all, the only group left in America that may be safely stereotyped, lampooned, ignored, or discriminated against are fundamentalist Christians.