Sunday, January 09, 2005

Paula Veggian Learns The Price Of Doing The Right Thing

Here we see another example of why many educators don't want to get involved when it comes to exposing wrong-doing in the Education Industry.

Camden, Pennsylvania school administrator Paula Veggian became aware that grades were being illegally changed by Frederick Clayton, who was a counselor at Charles E. Brimm Medical Arts High School.

Veggian then made what many would consider a career-damaging mistake. She reported Clayton's nefarious activities to her superiors.

We here at the 'Wonks don't know if Clayton was guilty, but we do know that he was suspended (with pay) pending the outcome of an investigation alleging, "conduct unbecoming a board employee."

And the employee that exposed the wrongdoing? She was involuntarily transferred to another school and re-assigned from the office to a classroom teaching assignment. She has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to get her old job back.

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