Thursday, January 06, 2005

Extra Credit Assignment: Fun Reads

With all the depressing news lately, I was wondering around the non-education 'Sphere in search of a little diversion. Of course, I didn't have to look very far to find some chuckles.

The MUSC Tiger has a hilarious play-by-play of Alberto Gonzales' Senate confirmation hearing, with a candid photograph of Grand Inquisitor Schumer.

Jeff's Beautiful Atrocities
has the scoop on a hilarious dialogue between Katie Couric and Michael Moore. (We hope to see one with Rush Limbaugh and girlfriend CNN's Daryn Kagan soon. (Google her name, you'll be amazed.)

One of the 'Wonks oldest friends, the Pirate,
offers some politically incorrect advice for those that are contemplating an illegal border crossing.

Digger has a
thought-provoking poll over at his Realm.

Chris Greenfeather over at Right-Wing and Right Minded has been
been playing around with Photoshop again.

David at In Search Of Utopia gives us some hilarious pointers about living and working in Costa Rica.

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