Saturday, January 08, 2005

Three Students Arrested For Cyber Bullying

Same Problem, New Method
As we profiled back in October, a new threat to our children is being referred to as Cyber Bullying. And now it has happened again. Only this time the bullies have been arrested.

This story comes from down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A female student thought that it would be funny to create a website called "Loranger's biggest" in order to embarrass a 14-year-old male student. That student and two of his friends retaliated by creating one of their own, targeting students that they called, "The Preps."

This "counter-site" featured poems full of graphic violence, including death threats against other students. They also dreamed of "blowing-up the school."

The cops didn't think that any of this was funny, and ran the three little punks in and booked them on charges of "cyber-stalking."

In spite of the fact that all three are honor students, the school isn't laughing either; it has indicated that it will probably expel these rascals.

Maybe that's just the way things are done down in Cajun Country.

And what happened to the little female creep that provoked this whole thing by the creation of the website? Apparently nothing at all.

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