Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: Stephen James Byrne, Child Killer

Killer And Victims
This is the absolutely horrid narrative of a man that murdered his two daughters and then killed himself. It's also about what happened in the crime's aftermath.

Stephen James Byrne was involved in a custody dispute with his ex-wife, and was far behind with his child-support payments. What this monster did in reaction was to murder his two little girls. He then shot himself.

After the crime, someone (it would be safe to assume that it was the killer's family) made an attempt at "damage control." The listing below shows how this story has been (rightfully) brought to the public's attention.

  1. The crime occurs on Monday, November 22, 2004 and is reported here.
  2. A paid obituary is published in a Seattle Times newspaper, which can be viewed here. The obituary contains all the usual platitudes and listing of good deeds that are usually found in obituaries. It even tells about the loving relationship that Byrne had with his two young daughters, Kelsey, and Hayley. There is a problem... it neglects to mention that this miscreant killed his daughters.
  3. Michelle Malkin writes a post that initially exposes this disgusting episode to her shocked readers. View it here.
  4. Digger, over at Diggers Realm publishes a short piece (which can be read here) alerting his readers to Malkin's posting. Digger then begins investigating the crime further.
  5. After learning substantial new information regarding the crime, Digger publishes a new comprehensive piece which gives us insight into how these young girls weren't just statistics, or names in a news story, but were young children that enjoyed life, and whose lives were so violently cut short. Read Digger's excellent article here.

Memorial services for 11-year-old Kelsey and 9-year-old Hayley Byrne were held 2:00 PM this afternoon at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, Washington State.

May those innocent young girls rest in peace.... And let's say a little prayer for all children.

Update: Interested-Participant has an excellent suggestion for those in the vicinity of the killer's grave. The Hyscience blog has a fascinating viewpoint based upon personal experiences from his service in the Marine Corps.