Sunday, November 07, 2004

Mysterious Candidate Elected To Board Of Large School District

Who Is He?
One of our Confidential TipWonks alerted us to this most fascinating story from The San Diego Union-Tribune about a candidate that won election (with 54% of the vote) to the 32,000 student Orange (California) Unified School District Governing Board. This seven-member board has direct control of an annual budget of over $230 million dollars.

The only problem is that the winning candidate is a Man Of Mystery. It seems as though nobody knows who he is, or for what reasons he may have sought election. He listed no party affiliation.

The Mystery Man does have a name, Steve Rocco. We know this because he called himself that when he filed his papers with the local registrar of elections. We also know that he is 53 years of age, and lives with his parents. His actual occupation (if any) is unknown. On his voter registration he wrote writer/educator, but no local educators are acquainted with Rocco; searches of various data bases have not revealed any works authored by him.

Rocco never attended any candidate forums, (invitations returned unopened) and has never given an interview with any media. In fact, he would not even answer the door when reporters dropped by his parents' home.

Neighbors report that Rocco may sometimes be seen riding a bicycle in the area. Other than that, they know nothing about him.

Rocco's opponent was a man named Phil Martinez, who would appear to have been a stronger candidate for the job. He has three children in District schools, is President of the local P.T.A. and was endorsed by the Teacher's Union. Martinez, who is employed as a park ranger, attended candidate forums and sent out political mailings to voters' homes.

The EdWonk has no information as to what degree the voters may have been annoyed by the junk mail.

If Rocco chooses to attend the monthly School Board meeting, he will receive the standard compensation of $750.