Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Class Act Files: Students Pitch In For Tsunami Relief

The Examined Life is a site that is written by a classroom teacher with the initials e.s. He has written a most touching post that tells of his second-grade students' efforts to help relieve the suffering of the tsunami's victims. Here is a taste:
Yesterday, just as I was preparing to dismiss my students for the day (20 -seven and eight year old second graders) the principal and our student council president made an announcement over the school’s p.a. system. A decision was made to invite the students and parents of our school to donate money towards the relief effort for the victims of the devastating tsunami that struck Indonesia. At this point in time I had not discussed this tragedy with my little charges as we just returned from Christmas break and were getting back into the routine of things however with this announcement made I chose to take a few minutes to talk about what had happened. I was being very intentional about my choice of words when one of my students asked about the children. I honestly replied that there were many who died and many whose parents and families had been lost as well.
What makes this story so especially poignant is the fact that these kids attend an inner-city school which, as e.s. states, is located in an "extremely impoverished area."

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