Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Extra Credit Reading: The Education Mini-Sphere

These are some of the topics that those who write about Education-Related matters have examined in the last few days:

Jenny D. has some
insightful thoughts about school choice and why teachers should be thought of as professionals.

For decades, the United States Military has given its aptitude test to millions of high school students. Joanne Jacobs alerts us to the fact that this practice
has become a concern to some parents.

A very well-written blog with a left-wing perspective, Eduwonk.com
raises the issue that because competency standards vary from state to state, what constitutes Adequate Yearly Progress is also inconsistent. Therefore the need to have some sort of nationally-adopted standards will be the source of some friction between the Left and the Right.

The continuing need to improve student achievement in the
fields of math and science are a concern of John Ray over at Education Watch.

Chris Correa discusses the Purpose and Mystery behind the
process of assigning grades to students. As a practicing classroom teacher, this is one post that demanded my closest attention.

King over at SCSU Scholars is curious about
possible attendance trends that might be revealed as he prepares to teach a late afternoon class.

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