Saturday, January 01, 2005

On The Road Again

Happy New Year!!
Filed from "Owls Nest" near Tamassee, South Carolina.

The fires are dampened, the lips kissed, the fireworks have been shot, the adult beverages drunk, the headache is currently underway.

It is now time to undergo that four-times-annually test of endurance that our family playfully refers to as "the crossing." We will very soon be undergoing a 36 hour road trip, stopping only for fuel and food-to-go. From Tamassee South Carolina to an undisclosed town in California's so-called Imperial Valley, stretches some 2164 miles of good-old-fashioned family togetherness.

Just the WifeWonk, TeenWonk, and me. (The DogWonk only makes the crossing during summertime. But as DogWonk is a beagle, she doesn't mind missing out on the cold weather.)

If there are no unfortunate surprises during the crossing, we should arrive in Southern California sometime Sunday evening.

I look forward to updating these pages soon thereafter, and possibly en-route on the tag-board.

To everyone who reads these pages, and most especially my friends whom I have met through this site, let's all have a happy, safe, and prosperous 2005.

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