Monday, January 03, 2005

Israeli High School Students Protest Against Army's School Visit

Israeli Students Protesting
Here you can easily see the difference between democratic Israel and the various authoritarian regimes that surround the region's only democracy. What you see is three high school students that are protesting an Israeli Army Officer's visit to their school.

They argue that the Army should not be instilling its values in Israeli public schools.

The pupils have chained themselves to the fence that encircles the auditorium where the officer was scheduled to speak to an assembly of students.

Even though here at the 'Wonks we completely disagree with the students' position, we applaud the fact that in Israel, these students are able to peacefully demonstrate their disagreement with government policy. These students will not be beaten, nor imprisoned, nor even expelled for expressing their political beliefs.

And isn't that what Democracy is supposed to be all about?

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