Friday, December 31, 2004

Educational Chuckle

Classroom A No Go
Today's Educational Chuckle involves an enterprising young man in England who had submitted an unusual project in his English class. James Petchey, all of 14-years-old, had selected the model Jordan (aka Katie Price) as his topic for

Students had been tasked with finding information about their favorite celebrity on the internet.

Not surprisingly, the lad included in the finished project numerous photos of Jordan's unclothed artificial enhancements that he had found on the internet.

The educational bureaucracy was not amused, and suspended the red-blooded youngster after he submitted his project for a grade. The suspension was for 1 day. A spokeswoman for the Hertfordshire County Council Education Department declared, "It was an appropriate punishment."

James' father, Keith protested, "At no point was he told Jordan was an inappropriate topic and I'd rather he was researching her than gangsta rap artists."

Duh. We think that Jordan's unnaturally large sweater puppies are a subject of more than one young school boys....thoughts.

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