Monday, December 06, 2004

More Of Kofi Annan's Antics

Needs A Real Job...
I was sitting here grading student papers this weekend when CNN showed a little "clip" that featured Secretary General Autocrat of The United Nations Kofi Annan at some tuxedo-wearing affair in New York. (Or was it Paris?) Any way, I didn't start paying close attentions until I noticed Kofi Annan standing at the podium.

Did Autocrat Annan talk about the corrupt oil-for-food program? No, he did not.

Did he discuss his crooked 35-year-old son Kojo's involvement with a variety of dishonest schemes? No, he did not.

Did Autocrat Annan announce that the legions of over-paid and under-worked professional party-goers that parade about in the guise of UN diplomats would finally get off their soft 'cans and do a little honest work? No, he did not.

Instead saying something meaningful, this sorry excuse for a (Or would he be a prime example?) UN Secretary-General stood there and mocked the people that have been calling for his resignation.

What he said was, "Tonight.... I have resigned myself....(long pregnant pause)..... to having a good time!"

Naturally, all of the fellow UN diplomats UN parasites chortled and then burst into thunderous applause. After-all, sitting around drinking bonded liquor and running loose (with diplomatic immunity) in New York City all day and partying all night sure beats working anytime.

Here at the 'Wonks, we have refrained from using some of the terms that our colleagues in the sphere have so effectively used. And we won't begin now, but the term that I have in mind for Kofi Annan rhymes with.....(long pregnant pause)... bass chat.