Sunday, December 12, 2004

Disgusting Little Creatures Files: The Aftermath Of Terrorist Arafat's Death

Terrorist Barghouti
Nasser al-Kidwa, nephew of deceased Terrorist Yasser Arafat, is running about and telling anyone that will listen that his murderous uncle died an unnatural death. Al-Kidwa, who has a well-paid sinecure at the United Nations, has supposedly given Terrorist Arafat's medical records to interim "President" of the Palestinian "Authority" Rauhi Fattouh.

We here at the 'Wonks are sure that the truth will soon be known. (Yeah, right...wink!wink!)
Naturally, Terrorist Arafat's murderous-civilian-killing-circle-of-cronies are saying that Israel is responsible for the death of their dearly departed so-called leader.

Here at the 'Wonks, we are convinced that we will never know for sure what finally caused the long-overdue-much-needed-death of this rascal, but we are delighted that he is finally gone to wherever murderous thugs go when they die. It's just too bad that he got to depart this life in bed and not dancing at the end of a rope.

As we reported
here and also here and firstly here, there are a variety of devils, demons, miscreants and malefactors that are scrambling to get a piece of the American subsidized aid money payoff.

Frankly, what bothers us is the fact that the United States Government continues to shovel cash to these malefactors as they undoubtedly continue to plot their campaigns of death and destruction throughout Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

What bothers us more is the notion that seems to be current in some circles that these killers can somehow be legitimized with the passage of time. It is said that once the Palestinians have their own independent state, the razon-de-etre for the existence of the so-called Palestinian "Liberation" Organization will cease to exist. We firmly disagree. The P.L.O. is dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel. Only the tactics have changed. The overall strategy remains the same.

We think that once a killer, always a killer. The Palestinian "Authority" is nothing less than a criminal enterprise that exists for the sole purpose of enriching its senior leadership (and their countless relatives) while funneling cash to a variety of underground terrorist groups.

The "leadership" of the Palestinian "Authority" could care less for the well-being of its people. This is evidenced by the rampant poverty that continues to exist among the great majority of Palestinians despite the awarding of hundreds of millions of dollars in both American and United Nations (22% American) aid money. Only the terrorist leadership and their numerous relatives have prospered.

We think that the stealing and the killing will continue unabated.

What bothers us most is that the likely winner in the upcoming Palestinian "election" for "President" will be a disgusting little creature named Marwan Barghouti who is currently serving five life sentences for the murder of Israeli civilians. If this caged creature (We can't bring ourselves to refer to him as a man.) wins, the way things have been going recently, Israel will be pressured into turning this miscreant loose. We hope that we are wrong, but the U.S. government might want to set this speciman free in an effort to show "good faith."

And that frightens us.