Friday, December 10, 2004

Excellent Counter-Terrorism Tactic: Make The Terrorists Pay

One outstanding method to combat terrorism is to deny these thugs their life's According to the World Peace Herald, the parents of an American teenager that was murdered in Israel by the type of "disgusting little creatures" that are pictured above have done just that.

A federal jury has awarded Stanley and Joyce Boim $52 million in monetary compensation. The award is to be paid by a couple of pseudo-charities that were collecting donations and then funneling the money to the worthless specimens that murder innocent civilians.

The best news is that the judge tripled the jury's award to 156 million dollars.

Naturally... predictably... right-on-cue... The defendants are hollering... "Racism!" Laughably, some of these apologists malefactors are saying that if their sham organizations can be sued, so then should fundraising groups for the Israeli Defense Force be held liable for the deaths of Palestinians during the so-called "Intefada."

We hope that they stick with that, because most people have pretty much tuned-out anyone that starts screaming the "R" word. (Except those from a certain Politically Correct viewpoint.)

As for terrorist-sympathizers suing Israeli-affiliated groups, we don't think the groups have anything to worry about as long as they do not come anywhere near the 9th Circuit Court (Federal) In San Francisco.

Even though here at the 'Wonks we are delighted (for once) with a federal judge's decision, we do have a concern. The law that permits people to sue terrorist-affiliated criminal enterprises was passed in 1990. Why has it taken some 14 years for someone to finally get a verdict?

And how long will it take for these deserving people to actually receive any money?

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