Monday, October 25, 2004

More California Insanity

Get A Rope!
There is much stupidity here in California. One of the things that we always seem to do is ruin a good thing. And ballot Proposition 66 is but the latest in a long line of instances where we will allow a good thing to be ruined.

Here in California, we have a highly effective "three strikes and your out" law. What that means is that when a person is convicted of three felonies, they are sentenced to life in prison.

The result of this strict law has been the lowest crime rate in
35 years.

So what is the California response? In typical liberal California fashion, we are about to soften the rules. If Proposition 66 passes, the result will be thousands of felons being turned loose. Even Governor Schwarzenegger is against this proposal.

More felons on our streets translates to greater risk for our children.

Those that are "pro 66" point-out that there are felons sitting in jail for such miniscule reasons as stealing slices of pizza and other minor felonies. Here at The Education Wonks, we believe that a felony is a felony. The typical criminal commits many criminal acts before getting caught and prosecuted.

For all you felons out there, here is the secret for staying out of prison: Don't break the law.

For those of you felons that insist on a more positive type of message: Obey the law.

There, we have now said it two different ways. Even though the average criminal tends to be mentally deficient, even they should be capable of understanding that.

And if we vote to "water-down" this highly effective law, perhaps it is us that need to have our collective "heads examined."