Sunday, October 24, 2004

Teachers Behaving Badly: Teacher Brawls With Parent Down In Macon

Issued To Teachers?
As a class of shocked students looked on, their teacher was arrested on a charge of battery after fighting with a parent. The parent had entered the teacher's classroom in order to retrieve her daughter's bookbag. When the teacher would not give up the bag, the fracas ensued.

Bruce-Weir Elementary School teacher Katrina Ann Rucker allegedly hit her victim with a chair, and then punched, kicked, and finally dragged the parent by the hair out of the classroom into the hallway. Teachers and an administrator had to pull the two women apart. The parent, Lurella Amica, was treated for a broken nose and possible concussion.

After spending a few hours in the county pokey,
she was then released on bond. Rucker told the press that she was defending herself after the parent supposedly struck the first blow. The first-year teacher has been placed on administrative leave by the Bibb County Public School District pending a complete investigation.

Here at The Education Wonks, we try not to preach, but we never condone the use of violence as a effective method for teachers to effectively deal with an irate or aggressive parent, no matter how tempting the circumstances.

The EdWonk does not believe that teachers get paid enough to engage in pugilistic exhibitions. If the facts are as reported, Ms. Rucker needs to be Educated by the penal system, and never be allowed near children again.