Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mary Kay LeTourneau Again!

Wants Book Deal?
CNN has once again re-broadcast disgraced ex-teacher Mary Kay LeTourneau's interview with Larry King that was originally aired on Monday, October 11, 2004. This "interview" has been sent over the airways at least eight times since its original broadcast.

Not only does this woman not regret her crimes, she actually justifies them by saying her 12 year old victim was "aggressive."

Now the lovely couple are contemplating marriage, and of course they are going to need a nest egg. We here at Education Wonks believe that all this publicity is part of LeTourneau's "set-up" strategy for a book or movie deal.

Shame on Larry King for staging this interview in the first place, and shame on him for feeding LeTourneau those famous softball questions of his. We are especially disappointed with CNN.