Saturday, October 23, 2004

Bad Aims, Worse Seeds

P. Smith, W. Wolff
When these two were arrested for hurling pies at Ann Coulter it did not conjure-up an image of the humorous "pie fight" found in a Buster Keeton silent movie, but an image of "Buffoons Gone Wild." It is the fact that this sorry episode happened in a University that is so sad. Universities are supposed to be havens for "the free exchange of thoughts and ideas."

The Smoking Gun gives these hooligan's names as Phillip Edgar Smith and William Zachary Wolff.

Luckily, for Ms. Coulter, the boys didn't have a very good aim, because between the two of them they only managed to get a little pie filling on her shoulder. As anyone that has seen the video can attest, Ann has some pretty fast reflexes.

Congratulations, boys. The two of you managed to frighten a lone woman that weighs all of 115 lbs. We are sure that must have taken lots of courage. And we are certain that your parents are bragging about your exploits to their neighbors.

The Education Wonks strongly believe that all viewpoints, be they conservative or liberal must be allowed to be freely exchanged, and then debated on their merits. The open debating of ideas is the best method of defeating lunacy.

To attempt the suppression of any political discourse is to display an unbelievable degree of arrogance. What it really means is that the would-be suppressor believes that he or she alone can determine what is fitting for the ears of others.

When one side or the other attempts to silence dissenting voices through such a stunt as this, it brings nothing but discredit to the cause that the perpetrators are trying to promote.