Monday, October 25, 2004

Kerry's Sunday

If this is Sunday, then John Kerry must be attending an African American church. CNN is reporting that for the fourth consecutive week, the very Catholic John Kerry is attending a Protestant African American Church. Taking a page from Bill Clinton's campaign plan, Kerry has been spending quite a bit of time in African American churches lately.

The difference is that Kerry has only expressed an interest in predominately black churches during this campaign season, while Clinton attended sevices on a variety of occasions. John Kerry is no Bill Clinton.

This week we find Kerry trolling for votes in Fort Lauderdale's A.M.E. Church. From the church's pulpit, Kerry urged the congregation to "Vote their hearts," he also stated, "Faith without deeds is dead." Strangely missing was Kerry's usual fiery rhetoric about stolen votes and "One million disenfranchised African-American voters."

If his behavior the past four Sundays is an indicator, we can probably guess where Kerry will be next Sunday. What The Education Wonks would like to know is if Kerry's new found passion for Protestant worship will continue after November 2nd.

Being a politician, we think that going to any church will do John Kerry some good.