Thursday, October 21, 2004

CNN Is At It Again!

With that patented CNN look of smugness on his face, Anderson Cooper is happily informing the audience that John Kerry has begun to close the lead President Bush opened following the last debate. The latest numbers:

Bush 48%
Kerry 46%

Many (including the EdWonk) believe that CNN not only tilts to the left, but has been sliding toward the abyss of liberalism for years. An argument can be made that large numbers of the viewing audience were displeased by CNNs perceived liberal bias and deserted the network in favor of Fox News, as borne out by recent Nielson ratings.

Those that ponder the possibilities of "vast left-wing media conspiracies" argue that CNN is continually "playing-up" Kerry's favorable poll numbers in hopes of persuading what few undecided voters remain "to jump on the bandwagon" and support John Kerry, thereby possibly making enough of a difference to "tilt" an election in one or more battleground states.

Is CNN firmly in the Liberal Camp? There is only one way to tell for sure. Watch, and decide for yourself.