Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Return Of Aquarius

Happy Grads
A college in Washington State is now conferring degrees in "Astrological Arts and Sciences." The President's commencement address and the graduation page/photo album make interesting reading.

The ceremonies were held October 10, 2004, in Seattle. (Where else?)

The graduation announcement on their index page reads, in part:
"For the first time in four hundred years, academic degrees in Astrological Arts and Sciences were awarded to the first graduating class of Kepler College."
For some time, I have been giving thought as to how I am going to earn my living when I retire from classroom teaching too many years from now. The solution has now presented itself.

So I guess that I can now throw-away all those law-school admission bulletins that I have been perusing, get a degree from Kepler, and land a job in the The New York Times news room.

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