Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Good For Jenna!

Miss Bush...
Yesterday, when we heard that Jenna Bush was going to be a teacher in the Washington, D.C. public school system, we just knew we were going to have to bite on this one.

First of all, we applaud Jenna's choice to teach in a public school that serves primarily low-income, inner city kids. Even though it's our guess that she will not spend 30+ years teaching, it's the type of public service that most "first kids" (And we are thinking of Billary's child Chelsea here.) seem to recoil from.

But then again, the Bush Babes did attend public school, while Chelsea Clinton attended the most expensive and exclusive private school in Washington, D.C. (The same one that Jesse Jackson, (another "Man of the People") sent his offspring.

Second, we wonder if anyone has told her yet, "Whatever you do, don't tie the little boys' shoes for 'em."

Think About It!!