Friday, December 17, 2004

Professor Kerri Dunn Had Some Car Trouble

Here is the weird little tale of College Professor Kerri Dunn, formerly of Claremont McKenna College, near San Diego. Last year, she said that her car had been vandalized and spray-painted with racist and anti-Semitic slurs.

This was believed to have been done while Dunn was delivering a speech at a forum about racial tolerance.

Panicked administrators cancelled several classes that Dunn was scheduled to teach the next day. Student activists rallied thousands of supporters to take part in demonstrations calling for tolerance. It was said that the entire campus was in turmoil.

There was just one tiny little problem.

It turns out that the good professor vandalized her own car, and painted the anti-Semitic slurs herself. After two witnesses testified that they had seen Dunn drive the already graffiti-marked car unto campus, the jury found her guilty.

Contrary to popular belief, they really do give prizes to criminals that act stupid. It's called a year in state prison. Dunn was awarded her prize yesterday.

Ms. Dunn, you have been Educated by both the California judicial system and The Education Wonks.