Wednesday, December 08, 2004

More United Nations Arrogance

Crook And Son
I was watching CNN during during a recess this morning and I listened as one of the CNN talking-heads (Wolf Blitzer) was speaking in that special tone that CNN uses when informing all of us of an apparent triumph for the evil forces of radical-left-wing internationalism.

With apparent excitement in Blitzer's voice, CNN ran a clip of United Nations Secretary General Autocrat Kofi Annan receiving a standing ovation from the hundreds of assembled delegates parasites that were in the gigantic auditorium.

CNN couldn't resist trumpeting the fact that this "honor" began when the Iranian and several African countries started the clapping. (We should remember that it is the mullahs in Iran that are developing nuclear weapons and a ballistic missile system.)

By the end of his report, one could easily see that Blitzer was beginning to breathe faster, and his face was visibly flushed.

Thankfully, the United States' delegation was absent from the demonstration (were they tipped?) and thus avoided the embarrassment of either joining the clapping or remaining in their seats.

Ordinarily, we here at the 'Wonks could care less about what the New York City Manhattan Debating Society does during their make-believe sessions, except for the fact that the United States taxpayer is on the hook for 22% of the UN's operating budget. We think that much better uses can be found for this huge amount of money.

As we have recently profiled
here and here and here the arrogance of this man and his organized criminal syndicate is simply unbelievable. The once noble idea of Franklin Roosevelt has turned into nothing more than a nest of corruption, "diplomatic immunity scandals," nepotism, and fraud.

Kofi Annan's 35-year-old son Kojo is alleged to have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one known kick-back scheme. We are sure that Kojo is just one of what we imagine to be hordes of relatives that have been awarded well paid sinecures from senior UN officials thugs.

There has never been an American Secretary General, but there has been an accused Nazi War Criminal. Anyone remember Kurt Waldheim of Austria? So Krooked Kofi is in good company...

We wonder how supportive the delegates parasites in the audience would be if they had to leave the friendly ambiance of New York City Manhatten and do their work playing in more suitable accommodations such as Beijing, China.

We here at the 'Wonks wish that our own government had the fortitude to either clean this mess up or throw the bums out...