Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Political Correctism Run Amok Files: Teacher Forbidden To Use Declaration Of Independence: UPDATE II

Politically Incorrect?
As we initially reported here and updated here, Teacher Steve Williams has been prohibited from using several documents authored by The Founding Fathers, among them The Declaration of Independence. According to Williams, Principal Patricia Vidmar said that the materials could not be used because they reference the Deity.

In the latest twist to this story, the Wednesday evening broadcast of Fox New's Hannity and Colmes Show will be broadcasting a live interview with Steve Williams at 9:00 PM (Eastern) and 6:00 PM (Pacific). (There will be a re-broadcast at 2:00 AM (Eastern) Friday morning.)

As of this writing, representatives from the Curpertino Union School District (California) and Stevens Creek Elementary School have not indicated if they will send a representative(s) to the interview.

Considering the issues that arise from this particular case, and due to the fact that we are classroom teachers, The Education Wonks are following the story very closely. If Mr. Williams is in the right, then we believe that Principal Vidmar needs to be held accountable.

But in our several years experience teaching in California, we have observed that administrators are eager to discipline wayward teachers, especially when a concern has been expressed by a parent. But when it comes time to hold an administrator accountable for his or her misdeeds, it always seems as though there is some special reason for overlooking an administrator's peccadillos.

Update: Joanne Jacobs makes some excellent points, and links to the latest news source regarding the Williams story.