Saturday, December 25, 2004

Extra Credit: Bloggers Banquet: Christmas Day Edition

Filed from "Owls Nest" near Tamassee, South Carolina.

I dropped in on a few of our faculty members late Christmas Eve to see what I could learn about the world since the WifeWonk, the TeenWonk, and myself temporarily exchanged the sunny climate of California for our holiday quarters in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Jeff, over at Beautiful Atrocities, shows us Bloggers what life will be like
when our essential functions have been outsourced not only to other countries, but to other species as well.

Nigel Kearney, the Kiwi Pundit,
discloses three examples of how identity documents are being forged for possible terrorist activities. He also has an interesting take on Martha Stewart's letter from prison.

The Pirate has an update about
sex crimes committed by United Nations personnel which should serve to increase the pressure on UN Secretary General Autocrat Kofi Annan to resign. (Which we here at the 'Wonks would gladly welcome.)

Joanne Jacobs points out the extreme
sacrifices made by some of our children on behalf of the War Effort. (We find this particular entry to be very thought-provoking.)

Hyscience is
sounding the alarm over the plight of the Iraqi Kurds. (Why this is not getting more attention from the mainstream media is a mystery to us here at the 'Wonks.)

David Anderson's In Search Of Utopia
puts a new twist on the story of the soldier that asked Rumsfield an embarrassing question.

Digger is telling us about a simply asinine example of the "Catch And Release" of illegal aliens that is going on out in California. (This got some attention by "The Watcher's Council.")

The Spork uses both
Barbara Streisand and Martha Stewart to make her point. (Could this be an idea for a "Lifetime" movie?)

TC at Leather Penguin is reporting an instance of
Political Correctism Run Amok in Canada.

Chris, over at Right Wing & Right Minded has his
priorities straight, but check out what his opinion of a maid a milking should be. (No wonder young men don't want to leave the farm.)

From All Of Us, To All Of You, Merry Christmas!