Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Political Correctism Run Amok Files: More Idiocy From The ACLU

Defenders Of Liberty--NOT
The ACLU has won another notable victory in its never-ending quest to ensure that we remain free of the evil influences of state sponsored religion. Yes the organization that single handedly defeated the mortal threat to our freedom posed by the Boy Scouts of America, has been successful in its lawsuit to have a threatening nativity scene removed from Balch Elementary School of Norwood, Massachusetts.

Even though the Nativity had been placed in front of the school every year for the last 75 years, a total of four people asshats were unhappy enough to allow the ACLU to advocate on behalf of their desire to be spared from having to look at the family of baby Jesus during this Christmas season.

As part of the settlement extortion agreement, the taxpayer is having to foot the $18,000 legal bills that were incurred by both sides.

Let's all spare a thought or two for these advocates bastards who so zealously fight to defend our rights against predatory nativity scenes.


Update:(12/25) Jay, over at Wizbang! has an excellent piece about the ACLU.