Friday, December 24, 2004

Absinthe & Cookies Christmas Poll

Filed from "Owls Nest" near Tamassee, South Carolina.

I ran into this cute little poll over at Absinthe & Cookies yesterday. For some reason, I couldn't resist taking it. She invites you to take the poll too, and leave answers in her comments or on your own site:

* Do you spend the holiday at your place, or somewhere else?
We spend our vacation at our Summer Place (if that made any sense) in South Carolina.

* What's your Christmas Dinner main course?
We will be grilling steaks.

* What's the dessert?
It's gotta be Key Lime Pie.

* Do you eat early or late?
We eat at high noon.

* What gift was your favorite when you were a child?
That's an easy one. As a KidWonk, I liked getting bicycles.

* As an adult?
Also an easy one. As the EdWonk, anything NOT related to teaching is nice.

* What are you hoping to get from Santa this year?
I would like to get over this flu virus in time to actually do a few fun things out of doors.

* Any unique tradition you have?
Our one tradition is that we never, ever, stay in the Imperial Valley during Christmas time. Perish the thought!