Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Is This New York's Idea Of Justice?

Filed from "Owls Nest" near Tamassee, South Carolina

Today's New York Post is reporting that two Administrative staffers have been suspended without pay for having numerous sexual encounters with several different female high school students (some as young as 17) at a New York City public high school. Most of the trysts occurred while school was in session.

Aaron Stroud, age 22, and Fitz Coy, age 25, were both employed at Lehman High School, which is located in the Bronx. It is alleged that the men would take turns being "look outs" while one or the other would take girls into a generator room in order to have sex with them. The incidents have been occurring for about a year.

Apparently, Stroud was trying to pressure a 16-year-old girl into having sex with him. This girl says that she had been pinned to a wall (in a stairwell) by Stroud when another student walked in on them.

A school is a small place, and like most "closed communities," gossip runs rampant. So tales of these predators were soon making the rounds. According to The Post, someone reported one or more of these incidences to the school's principal, and the whole sickening story began to come out. The girls are saying that they were intimidated by the two administrators.

What we here at the 'Wonks would like to know is why haven't these two been arrested, booked, and put into jail? These two individuals were entrusted with the sons and daughters of the community. And the only thing that has happened to these malefactors thus far is that they are "suspended without pay."

The local District Attorney should be ashamed of him or her self.