Tuesday, October 19, 2004

True Tales From The Classroom: What Is Freedom?

Several weeks ago, I asked my seventh grade history students to respond in writing to the following, which was written upon the chalkboard:

What is Freedom?

(Ten answers are reproduced below verbatim.)
  1. freedom is life for people and be free and bote [vote] for your freedom.
  2. Freedom Is so paverful thanks to Martin luther King that free all the slaves.
  3. Freedom is when your out of school.
  4. It means to have no Problems.
  5. Freedom is when you go to college
  6. You get your rights. It,s an act
  7. Freedom is people that didn't have knowlede to do something.
  8. Freedom is liberty
  9. freedom is the world and also the people living right.
  10. To be out doors and to be able to go to places and when your not in reciving home or jeil.

Note: This class was not a beginning English class for recently arrived children from other countries.

Tomorrow: Some excellent answers from the same class.