Sunday, October 17, 2004

John Kerry: "I Know How To Make Peace"

There He Goes Again!
On Friday, Democratic Nominee John Kerry gave an interview to CNNs Candy Crowley which was rebroadcast yesterday. Aside from the usual platitudes, John Kerry mentioned that he still did not think that his vote to authorize President Bush to go to war in Iraq was a mistake.

When asked if he had made any mistakes in the last three years, he surprisingly didn't mention forgetting several times to give Teresa her daily tranquilizers. Instead, he stated how he had promised (during the primary season, when he was in mortal danger from Howard Dean) too many Federal programs without knowing how they would be paid for.

Asked about the infamous statement Kerry made about the Vice President's daughter, Kerry said, "It was ment as a very constructive comment and a positive thing. I respect their love for their daughter, and I respect who she is, as they do."

The EdWonk does not believe that for a second, and could not disagree more. It was a cheap debating trick, the purpose of which was to goad Cheney (and EdWonk is no fan of the V.P.) to lose his temper. When Senator Edwards first broached the subject to the Vice President during their debate, many thought it was charming.

When Kerry brought up the same subject during the last debate, it was exposed as a strategy.

At no time did either Bush or Cheney stoop to such tactics. Even though they aggressively advocated their positions and attacked their Democratic opponents, they left their families out of it. And the Education Wonks salutes that.