Monday, October 18, 2004

Famous Harlem Ballet School Shuts Its Doors

Ballet School Closes...

The New York Times reported yesterday the closing of the Harlem Ballet School. The reasons cited were lack of funds to pay ever-increasing insurance premiums. Since 1969, this school has (chiefly) served the African American community in New York City. The institution has earned an international reputation for the high quality of its program.

As reported by the paper, the closing came as a shock. Students showed up Saturday for classes as usual, only to find the doors closed and locked. Many parents and children had not yet heard the news.

We here at the Education Wonks were saddened to learn of these events. We would like to know how is it possible that an institution of this caliber should be forced to close it's doors due to lack of insurance?

It would be difficult to overstate what the negative impact that the loss of this school will have to the pride and educational diversity of the area's African American Community. We hope that some philanthropic organization will step forward and help the school continue it's important work.

The EdWonk will continue to monitor this situation, and post updates as changing conditions warrant.