Tuesday, September 14, 2004

True Teacher Tales-"Please Don't Shred The Bible"

Karen Christenson
We have been told that Karen Christenson, a high school English teacher in Burley, Idaho, is under investigation for allegedly ripping a Holy Bible to shreds in front of her students. Burley High's principal, Jeff Harrah, has indicated that Ms. Christenson is not a Bible hater. She was merely making a point. Harrah called her a "great teacher." The question is: What if instead of ripping-up a Christian Bible, Ms. Christenson had shredded a copy of The Koran?
I am sure that she would not have a job at this point, much less be praised by her administrator as a "great teacher."

Now the EdWonk is not a very religious person, but shouldn't all religious texts receive the same respect from educators that teach in public classrooms?

The truly hilarious thing is that your EdWonk has learned that Ms. Christenson graduated from traditionally conservative Brigham Young University in Salt Lake City... Ms. Christenson, you have been educated by The Education Wonks. See more about Ms. Christenson at: TheDenverChannel.com - Education - Teacher In Trouble For Ripping Bible