Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Students Behaving Badly Files: Virginia Military Idiots

This is disturbing. Several students at hallowed old Virginia Military Institute (VMI) came to a party last Halloween dressed somewhat.....er..um..... inappropriately. These students then allowed themselves to be photographed in their outrageous "costumes."

One picture shows three men in their VMI-issued black shirts and gray pants giving the Nazi salute to the camera. Two are wearing homemade swastika armbands. One is wearing a small Hitler-style mustache.
Another picture shows two men dressed in tiaras, wings, lipstick and eye shadow. One is holding a wand, and both are wearing underpants and tank tops that read, "I [heart] a man in uniform."
There are also pictures of a man smeared head-to-toe in dark makeup and wearing a loin cloth.

This incident only came to the forefront last week when several photos were posted on a VMI electronic message board (since deleted) and were subsequently distributed around the 'net. The photos can be seen by clicking here. The school is, predictably, unhappy. (Several years ago, it was involved in a controversy about the admission of female cadets.) You can see the school's attempt at "damage control" by clicking here.

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