Monday, January 31, 2005

Dutch Schools Also Have Problems With Violent Students

Via Dutch Report
A writer (using the pseudonym Dutch Reporter) living in The Netherlands writes, logically enough, a blog called Dutch Report that addresses a variety of general-interest topics. Writing in English, Dutch Reporter is telling us that schools in Holland have their own problems with violent students, particularly those that have recently immigrated from Morocco. Dutch Reporter writes:
At the schools in Holland there are many problems with Moroccan youth. Most do not finish their school education and there are many stories about violence against teachers. The teachers do not receive any support from their management or the police. Thing is, Dutch schools, are not allowed to remove aggressive students. They can only try to get him on an other school, but other schools are also not waiting for an aggressive student. Last year, one student, even shot a teacher through his head, fellow student went on the streets to demonstrate to support the murderer.
Dutch Reporter offers a Dutch-language video, apparently shot in the classroom, that shows a male teacher being assaulted by a student. However, I could not get it to play very well. (I very much would like feedback from any readers that attempt to view the video stream; audio worked just fine.)

I don't know what, if any, bias(es) that Dutch Reporter may have, (D.R. is closely following the murder investigation of Theo Van Gogh, allegedly by a Moroccan.) but it is interesting to note that concerns over school-site violence directed against teachers and students is not limited to the United States.

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