Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Spellings Report: It's Now Official

The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Margaret Spellings, age 47, has been publicly sworn-in as President Bush's Secretary of Education. The Chronicle writes:
With President Bush at her side and much of her family in attendance, Spellings was sworn in by White House chief of staff Andy Card as the eighth education secretary. The moment was ceremonial, as Spellings had already taken the oath of office from Card on Inauguration Day.
After the formalities, Spellings gave a statement to the media:
"In carrying out my duties to the American people, I will be carrying out my duties as a mom, and there is none more important than to provide a quality education to our children."
As this was his first visit to the headquarters of the Department of Education, (in four years) President Bush then made a few remarks:
"For more than 10 years she's been right down the hall or by my side, and now I look forward to having her take her seat in the Cabinet Room... Today only about 68 out of every 100 students entering our public high schools ever make it to graduation four years later... Margaret understands, as do I, that is unacceptable."
Even though her tenure has just begun, Spellings has already been involved in her very first controversy: "Bunny Gate."

As we here at The Education Wonks
reported last week, Spellings withdrew government funding from an episode of the PBS animated show, "Postcards From Buster" which featured cute little Buster the Bunny's travels to the State of Vermont, where he learns about farming and the making of maple syrup. Almost incidentally, Buster also meets two real-life lesbians. This is what landed our fur-bearing friend into hot water with Secretary Spellings.

has the story of Spelling's remarks concerning "Pundit for Hire" Armstrong Williams, as well as their own take on the "Postcards from Buster," affair.

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