Thursday, February 03, 2005

Notes From The Education Underground: The TeachWonk Diaries

Just Another Brick...
The Principal of Howard Taft Junior High School is named Mr. Phish. Mr. Phish and his wife just love to party, and so several times a year he has an exclusive clique of 6-8 teachers (with their families) from our school over at his home to help him guzzle substantial amounts of adult beverages and barbecued hamburgers.

You see, our Principal's little staff parties are by invitation only.

The 25 or so teachers that do not get invited to the Principal's Invitation Only Staff Parties refer to this tight little clique as Mr. Phish's Phavorites. It goes without saying that these little social affairs have caused a great deal of resentment around Howard Taft Junior High School.

We are placing bets on whether or not Mr. Phish stages a 4th invitation-only Superbowl party.

Even though the Phavorites try to keep the gatherings secret, word always manages to "slip out." That's because one of the Phavorites just can't resist bragging to the students about hxx special relationship with the principal. And of course the kids love to gossip about their teachers, so word soon gets passed around.

Several of us are curious as to what our superintendent, the Evil Dr. "X," would think if he knew that one of his principals were having these "secret" invitation-only staff parties.

But I am not going to bell that cat.

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