Monday, January 10, 2005

Something For Parents: Educational Buzzwords Explained

Here is a nifty little decoder that puts meaning into a number of the Education Industry's most mis-understood terms. Among others, discover the true meaning of the following mysterious phrases. Learn that:
  • Looping does not mean driving aimlessly back and forth around town searching for an all-night liquor store.
  • Hands-on learning does not necessarily mean what one does on one's first date.
  • English Acquisition does not indicate the buying and selling of English women for nefarious purposes.
  • Enrichment Programs are not a series of motivational tapes for the selling of real-estate.
  • Interdisciplinary learning is not a type of specialized service to be found in the yellow-page listings for Escorts.
  • Inclusion is not a method to be used for getting invited to all the "right" parties around your home town.

Yes, mastery of all these terms (and more) can be yours simply by following the link given above or here.

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