Sunday, January 16, 2005

From The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: Woman Accused Of Murdering Own Child With Bleach

What kind of monster would murder their own child? This type of horrid crime has been happening with alarming frequency.

Here is
yet another case, this time in Birmingham, Alabama, of this very disturbing trend. This time, a "mother" named Tunisia Archie, age 31, allegedly murdered Jasmine Archie, her own 12-year-old daughter, by forcing the girl to drink bleach and then sitting on her until she died, finally, of asphyxiation.

The girl's 9-year-old brother was forced to watch.

And the reason given for killing her child? It was because the girl had engaged in sexual relations with an undisclosed person.

We here at the 'Wonks have very mixed feelings regarding Capital Punishment. We aren't against it per se. But what we don't like is the fact that it doesn't seem to be administered in an equitable fashion.

To us, any miscreant that takes their own child's life deserves the death penalty as much (or more) than in most other circumstances. A parent's given role in life is to be care giver, advocate, and the protector of his or her children.

A parent that murders his or her own child has not only slain his or her offspring, but has committed an assault upon our entire society.

And yet recent history (Andrea Yates: see our post here.) has shown that these disgusting little creatures that murder their own children rarely (and if the killer is female, never) get the death penalty.

And if these malefactors can't be given the "dance lessons with a rope" that they so richly deserve, then they should at least be sterilized.

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