Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Teresa Watch: The Radio Drudge Edition

One Of Us?
Teresa Heinz Kerry continues to be a favorite subject of discussion not only for EdWonk, but also for Matt Drudge. I guess we both have problems with spoiled people who have never in their lives have heard the word "no" applied to them. These same privileged individuals get to say anything they want to us "regular people," without any consequences. Worse, folks often rationalize this misbehavior by saying things like, "Aw, how cute....she speaks her mind, etc."

In his Halloween radio show Sunday evening, Drudge remarked:

  • There are a number of people that are simply terrified of the possibility of Teresa becoming First Lady.
  • Teresa owns half of George Town, Virginia.
  • Have they let Teresa Heinz on camera this week? Anybody seen Teresa? She's been a vanishing act, she won't show up until election night.
  • Did they let her say anything, or is it down to sign language? (A caller pointed out that Teresa had made an appearance in New Mexico.)
  • It's not Kerry that's driving some votes over to Bush, maybe it's Teresa.
  • There was no release of any video of Kerry throwing his medals, or Teresa throwing her twenty-dollar bills over the fence.
  • Have your Teresa Heinz Yoga Tapes (should Kerry win) handy.

In the unlikely event that Teresa should become "First Lady," (a term she doesn't like, by the way) we here at the 'Wonks are certain that we will have four more years of interesting Teresa Tirades to take note of...