Monday, November 01, 2004

Teachers Behaving Badly Department: Kick-Boxing Edition

This story has been around the internet the last 24 hours. As reported by Yahoo!, some part-time "visiting" instructor kicked a student in the leg... for wearing a "College Republicans" sweat shirt. No severe damage was done, no purple hearts were earned. The incident occurred off-campus, and the adult victim was not one of the assailant's students.

The teacher, Maria Spero, soon apologized. Then the school apologized. All the apologies were in writing. It seems as though everyone involved has apologized.

So what makes this particular instance so newsworthy? The Republican Shirt? The part-time "visiting" college instructor? (Which is the lowest rung in academia.) The fact that the victim was male, the perpetrator female?

Yawn!!! Let's just let this one go....