Saturday, November 27, 2004

Students Behaving Badly Files: Stupidity In One Of Canada's Most Elite Private Schools

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper has a story of a couple of students from one of Canada's elite private prep schools pulling an asinine anti-Semitic "joke" in the school's year book. The "joke" was some sort of code inserted into email addresses of students.

The slur called for the death of all Jews. Fortunately, the plot was discovered before the yearbook was distributed. All 1000 copies were destroyed.

What happened to the malefactors? Nothing, as they had already left the school. Hopefully, they will at least have to pay for all the books destroyed, plus a reprint.

The school's options are limited, as the brats involved have already graduated, gotten their diplomas, and skedaddled. Perhaps the police will charge the two miscreants with a "Hate Crime." But that is doubtful. After all, the "better sort" take care of these things privately.

This is the second incident in the last few weeks at this particular school. Just last month, several students were "disciplined" for attempting to pass counterfeit money. This "discipline" consisted of 1-5 day suspensions, so we here at the 'Wonks thoroughly understand what the rules are for the children of Canada's elite.

Parents pay around $10,000 (US) tuition to send their kids to this institution of higher "learning."