Thursday, November 25, 2004

The Rumors Are True: Kids Can't Thank God In Maryland

This story has been all over the blogosphere, and it seems to be true, though at first we could not believe it. Fox News is reporting that in the state of Maryland, students are not to be taught that the feast of Thanksgiving was initially held to show appreciation to God for a bountiful harvest.

Educational Bureaucrats, not teachers, imposed this ridiculous policy. We would like to know the answer to a couple of questions.
  1. "How did these people get on our side?"
  2. And after a person is hired in a $200,000+ Education Department job, do they automatically throw away whatever common sense that they might have had?

The Bureaucrats that made this idiotic decision need to get a grip, buy some clues, or borrow a few brain cells.

The Corner and a Dunce Cap for 'em!

Update: George over at Alamo Nation has a good comprehensive posting of the issues surrounding this lunacy.