Saturday, November 27, 2004

More UN Idiocy: Like Father, Like Son

We here at the 'Wonks have been carefully following the antics of UN Autocrat Koffi Annan and the absolutely scandalous "Oil For Food" swindle. For months, we have been hearing tidbits here and tidbits there about Koffi Annan's son, Kojo Annan.

The New York Sun has some details about all the shenanigans embezzlement that Kojo was pulling while he was working for his daddy. It's a sad story about intrigue, monetary kick-backs, and other criminal behavior.

I now think that its about time that we asked the United Nations to leave New York City and find more suitable accommodations in some other place. The first choice that springs to mind would be Switzerland. But if those sensible, if somewhat secretive people, don't want anything to do with the UN, perhaps Paris or Berlin Bejing will do.