Wednesday, November 03, 2004

EdWonk's Students Cast Their Ballots

Yesterday, I sampled my student's presidential preferences. Kids are often accurate indicators of their parents political leanings. Being careful not to say anything that may bias students one way or another, I fabricated a simple ballot with three choices. Bush, Kerry, and Nader. The students were from four classes. Two were 7th grade, and two were 8th grade.

Grade 7

  • Bush: 21
  • Kerry: 38
  • Nader: 3

Grade 8 (disaggregated into males and females)

  • Bush: 20 (boys: 13 girls: 7)
  • Kerry: 37 (boys: 11 girls: 26)
  • Nader: 2 (boys: 2 girls: 0)


  • Bush: 41
  • Kerry: 75
  • Nader: 5

The theory that children reflect their parents' voting preferences seems to be supported by my students, as the Democratic party retains a strangle hold on California.

Interestingly, The data from this (admittedly) small sampling also supports the notion that female voters are more likely to support Kerry, while more boys tend to back Bush.