Friday, November 26, 2004

The Disgusting Little Creatures Department: Terrorist Arafat's Successors, Part I

Face Of Evil
You are looking at the face of evil. This is the worst of the terrorists that are squabbling over Terrorist Arafat's former "post" as "President" of the Palestinian "Authority." This particular scoundrel's name is Marwan Barghouthi.

He is currently serving 5 life sentences for the murder of innocent Israeli civilians.

According to
The New York Times, this malefactor has decided to run as an independent candidate for the "Presidency." It seems that among many Palestinians, this disgusting little creature has achieved a measure of popularity, and may even win.

Only an organization as dysfunctional as the Palestinian "Authority" would even consider allowing a jailed killer on the ballot for a "Presidential" election. This "Authority" suppresses dissent, keeps its people living in conditions of squalor, and "educates" children in overcrowded/poorly maintained schools.

At the same time, this "Authority" steals hundreds of millions of dollars in United Nations aid money. This theft is done through corruption, graft, extortion, and a variety of kick-back schemes.

While the Palestinian people live in grinding poverty, the elite are appointed to positions in the Palestinian "Authority" where they rapidly obtain well-paid sinecures for themselves and their relatives. These jackals live lives of luxury and ease. They want for nothing, as is the case with Suha, the "widow" of Terrorist Arafat.

Should Barghouthi win the "election," international pressure will be mounted on the Israelis to turn him loose.

We here at the 'Wonks hope that the Israelis will resist pressure to free this murderer, and keep him in close confinement for the rest of his life. Furthermore, we hope that the Bush Administration will support Israel in its efforts to combat this lunacy.

Because of his history of murdering civilians, the 'Wonks will bestow upon this miscreant the sobriquet that we used with Arafat: Terrorist. It is too bad that Israel doesn't give these crazed monsters the "dance lessons with a rope," that they so richly deserve.

Update: (afternoon) It is now being reported that Terrorist Barghouthi has changed his mind and will not be a candidate for the "Presidency" of the Palestinian "Authority." Hopefully, he won't reconsider. He has endorsed his erstwhile opponent, Mahmoud Abbas.